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The Ultimate Real Estate Success: 3 Mindsets to Adopt


Many Realtors often feel overrun, burnt out, and generally unhappy when they think the market is determinant of their success. What many Realtors fail to realize is that the real estate market has nothing to do with their success. What the market does do is determine in what direction they need to move their efforts in order to make the most of their business. 

The other aspect of success is understanding why you are in real estate. They forget why they are in the business, why it is important, and what they even want to do. With our recommendations, you will have three mindsets ready to propel you into the business headspace you need to scale your real estate efforts. 

Times Are Tough As a Real Estate Agent

Between the current shortages of homes, building materials inflation, and new real estate technologies encroaching on traditional real estate methods, it can be difficult for a Realtor to find success. On top of that, it is especially difficult to predict where the market will go in the future. No one has a crystal ball. No one has the right answer, and all we can do is prepare for what is coming. 

The real estate market is in a place that it has never been before. These are territories that we, as Realtors, have never navigated before. While these changes and uncertainties can be unsettling, they do not mean that you cannot create success in your real estate business. There are three things that every top Realtor does to ensure their success continues throughout any real estate climate. 

1. Adopt the Right Personal Philosophy

The first thing you have to do to adopt the right mindset as to why you are doing this. You have to understand as a Realtor, the market has nothing to do with your success. That sentence might’ve shocked you, so hear it again. The real estate market itself will not impact your overall success. 

Everything that determines where your real estate business goes is all internal. No external forces can gauge how many houses you will sell, how many leads you will close, or how far you will go as a Realtor. You have to find an internal reason as to why this is important to you. Discovering what you want, why you want it, and why it is important will go a long way in directing your career. 

First thing is first, what do you want? Are you looking to sell a large number of homes? Are you looking to close a ton of leads? Or are you looking to scale your real estate business into a large operation with multiple employees? Determining which goal you are passionate about will determine the route you take. 

Secondly, why do you want to do this? Is finding a family’s dream home something that you care deeply about? Or does leading a team of real estate professionals fit your path? Maybe the goal of becoming an industry leader to help others is your why. Once you have a true understanding of why you want to do this, you can move forward.

You then can answer the question of why this is important to you. Let’s be honest, many people are in real estate to support their families and make a living. That is a large player of why many people are taking this path. But go deeper. Maybe you are passionate about trying to rehabilitate a community by bringing more residents into the area. Or maybe you are helping a neighborhood by promoting the houses it has for sale. This is the foundation of your real estate career. 

2. The Market Is Not Good or Bad

Mainstream media has a habit of portraying the market as good or bad. But what many people don’t understand is that this statement is not a blanket statement for the entire market. The market is good or bad for one party. 

For example, the selling market is incredible right now. There are 25 offers per listing, homeowners are getting well over their asking price for their homes, and individuals looking to sell their homes can guarantee a shorter listing time.

On the other hand, the buyer’s market can currently be described as treacherous. Buyers are finding it difficult to buy their dream homes, competition for the best offer is heavy, and to top it off, there is a scarcity of materials so new homes are not being built at the rate that they originally were. 

These market sectors do not contribute to your success, as long as you are able to pivot. If you are looking to partner with buyers but remain stagnant in a seller’s market, your winning offers might be few and far between. 

The best real estate agents are those that are fluid and move where the market takes them. Knowing how to flow and how to attract the ideal client based on the current market conditions is vital in maintaining and scaling your real estate career. Identifying the next best opportunity sounds daunting, but once you can identify who the market is ideal for, you can move in with your strategy. 

3. Understand and Implement the Framework

The framework of real estate is similar to building a physical object. Ideas, motivators, and strategies have to work together to construct something great. While the process can be automated and streamlined, the individual parts that make up your real estate business cannot be left out. Leaving out these elements will cause your foundation to crumble and things will fall apart. 

When you join together your what and why in conjunction with the understanding that the market and external world will not influence your success, you will have all of the pieces of the real estate puzzle. 

When you begin blaming the outside world for inadequacies and hindering your success, you’re no longer holding yourself accountable. If you’re looking for a job where real estate success is handed to you, this is not the career for you. You will get what you put in. It can be easy to forget this when mainstream media is saying the market is bad, but that does not determine your hard work and your willingness to crush it. 

You also cannot forget your internal foundation of what and why. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “you’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do”, that most definitely applies here. Real estate is built on forming relationships, making a difference in people’s lives, and selling yourself. When you forget your why, your effort will more than likely dwindle as well. Combined with the doubt of when your big break in the industry will be, you are setting yourself up for failure. 


The Tools You Need

Customer Relationship Management Platform

Any top 1% Realtor will tell you that their hard work got them started, and their real estate tools kept them going. The one thing you cannot skimp on as your business continues to grow is a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. These platforms are built to automate your emails, phone calls, meetings, and outreaches to ensure you are winning at relationship building. 

These CRM platforms are also vital in closing your leads. With CRM tools, you can deliver the right offer, message, or piece of content to your prospective customer at the right time. The CRM also enables you to personalize your efforts. Through your CRM, you can move your leads through the pipeline and close them sooner rather than later. 

Perfect Storm’s CRM comes preloaded with options to make your lead nurturing easier. One of the many ways Perfect Storm accomplishes this is by providing 30 drip plans made for Realtors. These drip plans include emails, texts, and tasks ready for you to use and customize to fit your needs. 

If you’re on the go most of the day, don’t worry. Perfect Storm’s CRM comes with mobile optimization. If you need to access your information from a remote location, no worries! You will have everything you need at your fingertips. 


Lead-Generating Website

We all know that no one can be available to talk to potential customers at all hours of the day. We have lives, families, and responsibilities to manage throughout the day. This is where your website can pick up the extra weight. 

It has been said that your website should be your best salesperson and always selling to your clients. Your website should offer information about your business, your services, your location, and any content that might be useful in their buying or selling journey. Your website is always available to answer any questions your audience may have and collect information to turn visitors into leads. 

Perfect Storm knows this and has turned this information into a website creation and hosting platform that is specific to Realtors. Options such as customized lead capture, mortgage calculators, FB pixel tracking, and lead activity tracking. With these integrations, you can know what your leads are doing on your site, the information they are interested in, and where they are located. 


If you stick to these three mindsets, you will be able to scale your real estate business in a matter of months. Ensuring that you have the right reasons as to why you are developing your real estate business partnered with the best tools available, will make your real estate efforts easier and more fruitful in the long run.

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