The Path Toward Real Estate Success: Less Is More


I talk to realtors almost daily, and I regularly hear this type of sentiment: “I am calling FSBO’s, expireds, doing circle prospecting, doing open houses, running Facebook Ads, and just started investing in Zillow, but I can’t seem to get anything to work.”

You’ve heard the saying jack of all trades, master of none. To become great at anything, you must put in massive amounts of practice through repetition. When you are taking on too much, you will never have the time to get proficient at any one thing, and you will end up doing everything with mediocre focus, attention, and effort. Which is the recipe for mediocre results.

What if, instead of taking on everything all at once, you just started with one method of lead generation? You focused on that one thing, became amazing at it, and once your system was fully mastered and dialed in, if time permits, you then added something else and followed the same approach? 

Let's take an optimal open house strategy as an example:

1.) You take the time to do your research and find the right property inside the right area for your open house.

2.) Four days before, you door knock and deliver 500 neighborhood invitation flyers to the open house.

3.) The three days leading up to the open house you run a targeted Facebook Ad promoting the open house. 

4.) At 6:00 on the morning of the open house, you set up all your signs and take the time to make sure you have the right amount of signs to get attain and that the signs are placed where drivers will notice them.

5.) You show up one hour before the open house to make sure the house looks great, set up your welcome table, sign-in sheets, flyers, promotional materials, etc.

6.) You take the time to ensure everyone is registering with their information, or as many as you can get, and then take the time to give an amazing tour while focusing on the human connection.

7.) Then, with every person to whom you are able to give a tour, you strategically ask for an appointment.

8.) Before you pack up the open house, you create a quick thank you video and text it to everyone who attended.

9.) Right after the open house, you go immediately back to the office and input everyone into your CRM, set everyone up on a strategic email drip, set everyone up on a home property alert search, and send everyone another thank you email.

10.) Then, on Monday, you call everyone who attended the open house, and then call them every seven days, for three attempts, and then every twenty one days after that.  

The above ten steps are just an example, but you can see that if you take intentional and strategic action, combined with extreme focus and massive action, you quickly will master that activity and quickly get amazing results.

I am, by no means, saying to not have multiple lead sources, but before you add a new lead source, reflect and analyze what you are already doing and make sure you are mastering your activities. 

By doing less, you are actually able to do more. Do not approach anything you do with only an average amount of action. Instead, take massive action, which will absolutely produce massive results.

Massive Action = Massive Results!

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