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Lead Generation 101 for Real Estate Agents


It all starts with lead generation.

You can deliver amazing service to your real estate clients, you can know the contract inside and out, you can know how to look out for your clients’ best interests, but if you can’t generate a constant stream of leads, you won’t have the chance to excel at the preceding tasks.

So, how do you generate a steady stream of new leads?

How to Generate Leads as a Realtor

You have to start by acknowledging the importance of generating new leads. Every single day, you must make new people aware of you who were not aware of you yesterday, offer those people something of value in exchange for their contact information, and then follow up with them frequently. This is the essence of lead generation and lead follow-up.

Top Lead Generation Mistakes

Most realtors make two BIG mistakes with lead generation.

1. They do not make lead generation a daily priority

If you don’t make lead generation a priority, your leads will soon start to slip. They might forget who your company is and stop engaging with you all together.

2. They pursue too many lead sources.

If you pursue too many lead sources, you won’t be able to master any of your lead sources. Start off with creating one source for your leads, and then build on that foundation.

Now that we have gone over some of the biggest lead generation mistakes, let’s dive into the right way to capture leads and how to nurture them.

Capture More Leads and Nurture Them Effectively

1. You must make lead generation a daily priority.

You have to wake up each day with a plan in place to generate leads. Block off that time on your calendar. You must become intentional each day with your lead generation.

2. Success is not found in doing 1000 things but in doing a few things brilliantly, thousands of times.

Don’t try to focus on having twelve lead sources, but instead, focus on three or four. Do those three or four things constantly to become world class.

What is the best lead generation source? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is your consistency and willingness to generate leads day after day. The best source is the source you enjoy, and the one you will continue to use over and over and over.

Identify your personal strengths, and then identify the lead generation methods that align with your strengths. For example, if you love talking with and networking with people, then try joining local networking groups and working those groups for new leads. If you are more introverted and don’t like networking, try Facebook lead generation.

If you study all the top producers on the planet, they have different lead sources, of course, but the one factor that runs through the most successful realtors in the industry is a willingness to be radically consistent.

Lead Generation Task List

  1. Break down your personal strengths.
  2. Identify three to four lead generation methods which align with your strengths.
  3. Block off daily time on your calendar to intentionally work those lead generation methods.
  4. Go build a constant stream of new leads to fuel your success in the real estate industry.

How Are You Nurturing Your Leads?

What’s next? It’s time for you to discover how you can better nurture your leads.

Do you have a form on your website to capture their contact information? Are you part of a FB group with people looking to sell or buy a home? Find out what lead source is best for your business, and then utilize it!

This blog was originally published on May 22, 2020 and has been updated for clarity and with the latest information.

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